About Our Firm

Established by a group of professional accountants with an aim of helping companies to manage their accounts. We have a very diverse team on our panel ranging from accountants, managers, economists to IT professionals.

To better support business and our network of consultants, we offer a Broad array of business services in the fields of accounting and information technology. By helping businesses with basic function like book keeping and financial management, we can help them focus on their core competency.


We provide professional accounting services. We have a team of professional accountants that take care of all your accounts and audit requirements.


If you are looking to unlock hidden potential of your business or to locate problem areas in your organization, we have a professional team and tools needed to fulfil the requirements.


We have team to analayze IT infrastructure requirements, and develop IT plans for the organizations to compete in the ever increasing complicated business environments.


Full Time Accounting

This service is geared towards clients that are medium in size and can have in house accountant but still prefer to hire an accountant

Part Time Accounting

This service is geared towards those companies, whose number of transactions is small and they do not need to update their accounts on daily basis.

Audit Assistance

For most companies, the year-end financial audit is one of the most tedious, time consuming tasks they face all year. It takes a certain amount of patience

Accounting Software

We install and provide training in all major accounting softwares. We customize softwares as per your company’s requirement.

Our Advantages

With a wide network of consultants, experienced in field of Accounting/Auditing, we are well poised to offer services to our clients that suit their budget and far exceed the expectations. Through our exposure to wide range of companies across all industries, we are able to bring best in class practices to your organization.

We take care of your accounts and you can concentrate on your business.

Our People

Our People, our assets, our Consultants- This wide network of associate and skill personnel, which includes people who have held positions at all levels of business in a multitude of industries, provides us with the support and expertise we need to help business succeed. Our experts have a firm grasp of business today, and of the economy as a whole, which makes them fit to help you decide on issues pertaining to, among others, value creation, competitive advantage, and customer satisfaction.

Our Partnership

Since we truly believe that our success, we strive to partner with all our clients, and believe that trust comes only from delivering impact and results consistently. At Jymma, we truly value the ideas of our clients, and strive to utilize our resources to better your business. We believe that such a stable partnership serve as a basis for much deeper insights into, and a more significant, positive impact on, your business and ours and the economy.


For a live discussion or consulting request a phone call back. Submit your info via the form and one of our expert advisor will get in touch within 24 hours or just send us an email.