VAT- Related Consultancy

Unfamiliar With VAT Laws & Regulations? From VAT Consultancy to Returns Filing, we have you covered.

Value Added Tax (VAT)  has been regarded as a mandatory consumption tax on goods and services. More than 150 countries have incorporated this concept into their national legislation.  If your company has not yet been registered for VAT benefits, this is the most important task that must be completed.

We happily support businesses in dealing with laws and regulations in being VAT compliant and achieving streamlined and efficient VAT processes and procedures.

VAT processes & procedures


VAT Registration

VAT registration – the procedures by which a business can get registered for Value Added Tax and becomes authorized to collect the remitted tax in the UAE.


VAT Accounting Services

VAT accounting is a process related to the VAT section of a business concern.

Here in Emirates, maintaining VAT records is required. We offer all the necessary services so that you may manage your VAT data, Review of tax reports, calculate and file taxes, create VAT documents, and handle any related tasks.

According to UAE tax law, keeping a book of records is crucial and necessitates thorough documentation. The consumption tax that must be paid on time can be determined with the aid of proper documents. It lessens the cost of taxes


VAT Return Filing

We assist businesses in completing VAT returns with the right assistance because we have in-depth understanding of VAT laws and regulations. 

This comprises the computation of tax liability check, review of prior returns, and input-output VAT reconciliation. Everything for your business is covered by us.


VAT Refund Services

We have a 100% success rate when requesting VAT refunds, we are a qualified and FTA-approved VAT consultation service, and we are familiar with the intricacies and processes of VAT. 

We can handle everything, from the refund application to the creation of all required paperwork.


VAT Deregistration Services

VAT de-registration must be handled if the company’s taxable income has ceased, it is closing, or the turnover is below the threshold amount. We can spare you from having to navigate the many steps involved in VAT de-registration.

Depending on the situation, the FTA may also impose hefty penalties. Therefore, companies need an efficient and knowledgeable VAT partner like NR Doshi & Partners. They can provide practical guidance required for VAT deregistration in UAE.